3 Writing Podcasts You Need Right Now


2743534799_86bcea8475_oRecently, I’ve started listening to podcasts. Like many other adults, I experience the joy of rush hour traffic. For years, I’d listen to music or radio shows, but the drives felt incredibly long. So, I began listening to podcasts during my commute.

The drives feel a lot shorter.

The first podcast I listened to was TED Radio Hour. This is a podcast everyone should listen to. It’s not writing orientated, but covers an array of research-backed topics that will get you thinking. This podcast will inspire you.

In terms of writing oriented podcasts, I’ve found three that stand out among the rest:

Writing Excuses

This podcast’s episodes are short, fast-paced, and to the point. Hosted by authors, the goal of Writing Excuses is to encourage writers to bring their writing to a whole new level.

The best part of this podcast is that the hosts are relatable. They not only talk about what writers should do, but delve into their personal struggles with writing and how they overcame them.

The Journeyman Writer

In this podcast, the hosts are well organized and to the point. Each lesson deposits a valuable lesson to writers about the ins and outs of story construction. The hosts do this in easy-to-manage portions, while showcasing their passion for writing and their desire to help other writers succeed.

Prepare to remember what’s essential to storytelling and to know how to wriggle your way out of any story dead-end.

I Should Be Writing

This award-winning podcast is all about helping writers become better, and transition into the professional world of writing. The host started out as an unpublished writer and become a pro. One of the best aspects of this show is how the host focuses on the emotional roller coasters and roadblocks every writer faces, while trying to make it to the big leagues.

Take a listen to the host’s own fears and failures with writing in the episode Crippling Fear. You may find yourself nodding along.

(Photo courtesy of Patrick Breitenbach.)


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