“Me Before You” Book Review

Okay, so this is my second week in a row posting a book review, but after reading this novel, I had to share my thoughts with you! (And with the movie being released on June 3, 2016, it might be a good idea to get this book read.)8522901355_96c1bdf450_z

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes blew me away. I laughed. I cried. I experienced the full range of emotions. More than that, I become fully immersed in the characters and story. When I closed the back cover, I felt that I had lost a really good friend.

Eccentrically dressed, small town Lou and once high-powered, adventure laden Will are two people who would have never met, if Will hadn’t been the victim of a horrible accident, which left him a quadriplegic, and if Lou hadn’t been hired as his caretaker (despite being seemingly unqualified for the job).

When the truth behind why Lou was chosen as Will’s caregiver unveils itself – that Will wants to end his life – Lou has six months to change his mind. And, of course, this novel being predominately a love story, Lou and Will begin to fall for each other, and have to deal with the complications that arise with their more unusual circumstances.

The question remains: Will Lou’s attempts to cheer Will up help to change his mind?

More importantly: Will their love for each other be enough?

Yes, this book contains romance, and, yes, it deals with some serious and controversial issues. (You may find you disagree with some of the decisions made in this novel. That’s perfectly fine. The characters certainly didn’t all agree with each other. Or all like each other.) However, the core of this story is about the choices people make in their lives and the impact of those choices, not just to the people who make them, but also to those around them.

(A quick note on the romance: It’s not the mushy, star-crossed insta-love that’s so often seen in romance novels. There’s actually not a huge amount of overt romantic moments. The love that develops between Lou and Will is subtle and realistic.)

A good portion of what made this novel so successful was its combination of humorous situations common in fiction and hard shots of reality that force readers to question their beliefs, ideals, etc.

Engaging and thought provoking, Me Before You is a book, not simply to read, but to experience.

(Photo courtesy of Johnny Lai.)

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