Travel Blogging: A Helpful Endeavor?

I’ve always loved traveling, however over the past number of years there seems to have been many more things to do than time to do them. What happened? Traveling fell off the radar.18541833062_daad0e01d0_k

This past summer was the last time I traveled somewhere (I visited my cousin at Dharmalaya in Eugene, Oregon, and then meandered over to Deschutes National Forest.), but before that was even longer. This saddens me because traveling fulfills a part of my life nothing else can.

So, this summer I’m planning on going to New Orleans with a friend, who had two other opportunities to go, but wasn’t able to. When I mentioned to her I’d always wanted to explore the “Big Easy,” she was delighted to tag along. I’m also doing something a bit more geeky…another friend is joining me in Florida to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and, yes, there will be epic House rivalry pictures. (We’re also going to the Everglades for an airboat tour and are hanging out at some of the beaches. Maybe attempt to act more our age.)

Anyway, I mention all this because as I’m planning on doing more and more traveling, I want to share my experiences. Originally, I’d intended on completing a three month road trip around the U.S. Circumstances arose that prevent me from doing this, but as I was planning the road trip, I thought about starting a travel blog.5530280949_3e3c2f38b5_b

Part of my research for this trip included exploring numerous travel blogs. I found all these extremely helpful in plotting out my trip. And, though my travels will be less of a long-term adventure, I still think it would be exciting to share them with people. Whenever I want to go someplace, I look up reviews because I want to know what other people enjoyed and how they spent their time at those locations. Travel blogging provides me with a more in-depth picture of what the bloggers experienced, and more than that, travel blogging tends to share details and locations (restaurants, hang outs, etc.) that are off the beaten path.

What do you guys think of travel blogging? Got any places you’d love to see?

(Photos courtesy of Don McCullough and Keoni Cabral. A little backstory on the pictures: The first picture is of the Oregon Coast. Though I didn’t take this pic, I have been to the Pacific Coast and it is as beautiful as the picture shows. The second photo was taken in New Orleans at an abandoned Six Flags amusement park thanks to Hurricane Katrina. The photographer has the entire story on her flickr page; all you have to do is click the link. It’s an interesting story. You should take a look!)

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