How to Cope with People Who Hate Your Writing


No matter what you do in life not everyone is going to like it. Take writing for example, specifically genre writing. I’m a genre writer, meaning I write fantasy, science fiction, and the like. However, there are people who can’t stand genre writing, and so they are extremely biased against it. Sometimes to the point where they believe nothing in genre writing is original, and they look down on genre writers. (Recently, one of these biased-against-genre-writers told me that if I wanted to be taken seriously as a writer, I should give up genre writing.)

So, what do you do when you meet someone biased against your writing?

The best tactic is to ignore the naysayers. That’s easy to say, hard to do. But if you don’t effectively mute people who dislike your writing simply because it’s genre or for some other nonsensical reason (and I use nonsensical not intended to belittle anyone’s opinion, but to show that hating on a person’s writing solely because it’s not your type of writing is a tad absurd, not to mention rude), you’ll get distracted from your writing. You may even begin to doubt your abilities.

What’s important to remember is that some people aren’t going to like your writing. Period. There’s nothing you can do to change their opinion, so focus on those individuals who enjoy your writing. (Now, if someone doesn’t like your writing because there’s no plot or the voice is extremely inconsistent, then you may want to listen to their opinion, and revise accordingly.)

Have you ever had anyone dislike your writing for some generic reason? How’d you handle it?

(Photo courtesy of Jenni Konrad.)

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